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A new article on Woodman of the World Headstones has been added to the site. It talks about this important insurace organization, and its impact on cemeteries across the country.

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Be Your Own Funeral Director

In Colorado, there is no requirement for a funeral director to be in charge of a person's funeral arrangements. A person can be cared for by their family or friends.

After a person has died, the family doctor or the medical examiner will create a death certificate within 48 hours, indicatng the cause of death. If the body is going to be taken care of by a funeral home, the home will take custody of the body, but, the family can also take custody of the body.

Whoever takes custody of the body is responsible for filing the death certificate.

For burial, a disposition permit is required. This is issued by county registrar or coroner.

If you wanted to be buried on land that you own, it is possible within the State of Colorado. This is regulated not by the state, but rather the county and city. Check for local zoning laws regarding home burial. It is part of the reason that there are numerous small family cemeteries all over the state.

One thing to note, and it could put difficulties in any plans for a home burial, the state requires that if a burial or cremation does not occur within 24 hours, the body must be embalmed or refrigerated. In addition, if you need to transport the body on a public transportation, the body must be prepared by a mortuary science practitioner.

The state also honors burial requests made in advance of death. It is a simple matter of creating a written request. The request doesn't even need to be notarized, it just needs to be made by an adult of sounds mind. You can download a template of a dispensation request, and include information on what type of service you would like. The link is to a PDF file, and it includes specifics details of the law for your review.

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In the historic cemetery in Springfield, Illinois the city is at odds with prime plots granted to the American Legion. The plots in question are within sight of President Lincoln's burial place, and the cemetery would like to reclaim the spots for the high price they can demand for such burial places.

The shocking scandel at Burr Oak Cemetery in Chicago has prompted some national legislation which would put cemeteries under the jurisdiction of the FTC.

An black cemetery in Florida is working to restore the grounds and make it safe for visitors.

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