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The obituary project is now live! In honor of Memorial Day, the entire month of June will be free. After June 30th, the cost of an obituary will be $25.00. This is a *one-time* cost. No other fees will be required, and the obituary will be available online for researchers to find forever. There is no fee to search the obituaries.

There are a few known glitches that I'm working on correcting. First, I have not yet put in all the cemeteries for the state from my list. There are about 200 entered right now. The rest of the state's cemeteries will be in by the end of the month.

Also, when you enter an apostrophe or a quotation mark, the obituary will display it with a slash in front of the character. I hope to have that fixed soon.

Please feel free to try it out, and if you encounter any difficulties, please use this form to report any difficulties.

To see the system in action, visit the obituary page. You'll notice that the nav-bar on Colorado-Cemeteries.com now includes a link to the main obituary search. From that page, you can post an obituary, view recently posted obituaries, leave a comment in the guestbook, and post an obituary.

The obituary posting system ties directly into the main cemetery database, so if the person in the obituary was buried in Colorado, adding an obituary will add their internment information into the main cemetery search.

Checkout this link if you'd like to see the obituary posting policy and guidelines.

Featured Article

Obituaries on Colorado-Cemeteries.com

As you might have guessed, the new obituary system on Colorado-Cemeteries.com has taken several months to develop. You might be wondering why this service was created, and why you might want to use the service yourself.

When I started to research obituary services on the internet, and in tradtional print media, I learned quite a bit. First, print publications, which publish a version of their print obituary online, charge outrageous prices for their service. These are reflections of the print models, not an online model. They charge per line, and per day. Once their run cycle is complete, they aren't available online to the family or researchers.

The internet has a distinct advantage over these print-to-online models. First, publishing online is much cheaper. There's no reason to charge per line or per day. There's no reason to charge "upkeep" costs, on an ongoing basis. Many of the largest obituary websites charge on a monthly basis, and once the posting has expired, no one can read it.

On the internet, using a basic database, an obituary can be a permanent memorial to a loved one. Even better, a permanent obituary can be used by future genealogists for valuable clues to distant relatives.

For this site in particular, the ability for people to post obituaries for people when they die helps with the ongoing problem of cemetery transcriptions that are consistently becoming outdated because the cemetery is active. You can even print the link to the obituary in the condolence cards for the funeral so mourners can post their respects.

When you post an obituary on Colorado-Cemeteries.com, you will receive a code. Make sure you make note of the code, as you will need it if you ever want to make changes or delete the obituary. This code will also be needed to moderate the guestbook comments. If you see a guestbook comment that is inappropriate, you can use your code to remove it. You can edit the obituary you created as often as you like, using the same code. You will have a seperate code for each obituary you post.

If you post an obituary, and include the interment record for the person, and you'd like to add a photo of their cemetery marker at a later date, just contact support, and let us know the obituary ID, so we can sync the photo records correctly. currently, the system is only set to allow one photograph per obituary, and will not add a seperate photo for the marker.

The obituary system is also an opportunity for funeral homes. Many funeral homes don't have websites of their own. The obituary system for Colorado-Cemeteries.com has an easy interface for funeral homes to post obituaries for their clients, and have a web presence of their own. To ask about this special program, and get rates, use this form to inquire about this opportunity.

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