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I've had a number of projects not related to Colorado cemeteries that required more time than I had anticipated, and sadly, they derailed my efforts here. My apologies for missing last month's mailing, and I appreciate you sticking with me.

If you didn't submit your story for the book project honoring the former caretaker of Riverside Cemetery in Denver, Cliff Dougal, you still have time! If you would like to submit a story Cliff told you, or tell one of your memories of Cliff, please use this submission form.

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Colorado Cemeteries on the National Historic Registers

There are 19 Colorado cemeteries that are listed on either the National Register of Historic Places, or the national Register of historic Landmarks.

Getting listed on one of these registers means that a site is recognized as having a signifacant role in the cultural, artistic, architectural or religious history of the country. A location on these lists is eligible for federal grants earmarked for historic preservation.

Not only are these important landmarks eligible for federal assistance when it is available, the also are eligible for a 20% investment tax credit to the owners for rehabilitating the site. Even better, these historic places are eligible for Federal tax deductions, for donations contributed for conservation purposes.

One thing to note with regards to these sites: when a site is owned by a private individual and is a private property, the owner is free to maintain, manage, or dispose of their property as they choose provided that no Federal monies are involved. This means that modifications or changes to the historic character of a site are allowed, if the changes are not implimented with the use of federal funds.

Colorado Cemeteries listed on a National Register of Historic Places:

Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site, Otero County
Capilla de San Juan Bautista, Saguache County
Church of the Brethren, (which has a cemetery) Boulder County
Church of St. Philip-in-the-Field and Bear Canon Cemetery
Columbia Cemetery, Boulder County
Crown Hill Burial Park and Tower of Memories, Jefferson County
Crystal Valley Cemetery, El Paso County
Evergreen Cemetery, El Paso County
Gold Hill Historic District, Boulder County
Golden Hill Cemetery, Jefferson County
Loretto Heights College, Denver County
Lulu City Site, Grand County
Riverside Cemetery, Adams/Denver County
Rockland Community Church and Cemetery, Jefferson county
Shrine of the Sun, (also known as Will Rogers Shrine) El Paso County
Silverton Historic District
St. Elmo Historic District
Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ryssby, Boulder County
Ute Cemetery (also known as Evergreen Cemetery), Pitkin County
Westminster University, (also known as Belleview College) which has a small private cemetery. Adams County

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Technology helps people find the burial location of their loved ones using the internet.

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