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There are many ghost towns in Colorado, and where there is a town, there's usually a cemetery in short order. Sometimes the cemetery is the only thing of the town that survives the "Bust" of the local economy. One of those place is Missouri City, aka Missouri Flats.I visited the spot a few weeks ago, took some pictures, and put it on the page.

If you didn't submit your story for the book project honoring the former caretaker of Riverside Cemetery in Denver, Cliff Dougal, you still have time! If you would like to submit a story Cliff told you, or tell one of your memories of Cliff, please use this submission form.

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Wreaths Across America

In 1992, a tradition of decorating graves at Arlington National Cemetery with fresh evergreen Christmas wreaths began when Worcester Wreath Company donated 5,000 wreaths to honor the fallen soldiers. Volunteers distribute the donated wreaths in the section chosen by the Arlington Cemetery management annually. In 2006, under the guidance of Morrill Worcester, the owner of the original wreath company, a national program to bring wreaths to national and state cemeteries across the country was born. The program, called Wreaths Across America, is gearing up for their annual event, which will take place on December 10, 2011. 

Wreaths Across America’s mission to remember, honor and teach has been taken up by eager groups and individuals all through the country and beyond. The wreath laying is held annually, on the second Saturday of every December. 

There are two types of events coordinated by this non-profit organization, and each location is given 7 ceremonial wreaths, one for each branch of the military, and for POW/MIAs.  

At non-internment locations, the ceremonial wreaths can be displayed, and if appropriate, a brief rememberence ceremony conducted. At cemeteries, especially national military cemeteries, the volunteers place the lovely green wreaths with their red bows, on grave markers.

If you'd like to help by sponsoring wreaths, or becoming a location leader, this page will give you ways to help.

This year, Wreaths Across America is offering wreaths delivered to individual homes as gifts. They can also be ordered and sent to your own home, to be placed at a veteran's grave where there is no location leader.  They are also working on a program for wreaths to be delivered to living veterans in the community.  

The organization is also providing *FREE* "Thank You" cards for giving to veterans. The only cost is shipping ($5 per 100 cards). The goal is to thank and "shake the hands" of one million veterans each year. These cards are business sized, and have space for a personal expression of thanks, and can be handed out to a veteran you meet in the course of your year. 

If you would like to help, there are several locations in Colorado participating. Contact the location leaders, listed below. These leaders can give you specifics about meeting times and the plan of events. 

Arvada Cemetery Arvada 
Location Address: 5581 Independence St Arvada CO 80002 
Accepting Sponsorship Wreaths: No - Ceremonial Only 
Volunteer Location Leader: Susan White 
Telephone: 303-465-1459 
E-mail: suziekw@q.com 

Brown Funeral Home Eads 
Location Address: 1109 Hickman St Eads CO 81036 
Accepting Sponsorship Wreaths: Yes 
Volunteer Location Leader: Jimmy Brown 
Telephone: 719-438-2225 
E-mail: brown.funeraldirectors@yahoo.com 

Brown & Latimer Funeral Home Burlington 
Location Address: 2910 Senter Burlington CO 80807 
Accepting Sponsorship Wreaths: Yes 
Volunteer Location Leader: Bill Latimer
  Telephone: 719-346-6005 
E-mail: blatimer7@aol.com 

Cedar Cemetery Montrose 
Location Address: East Miami Montrose CO 81401 
Location Graves: unknown 
Location Veteran Graves: 300+
  Accepting Sponsorship Wreaths: Yes
  Volunteer Location Leader: Megan Hess 
Telephone: 970-240-9870 
E-mail: wreathsacrossamericawco@hotmail.com 

Colorado State Veterans Cemetery Homelake 
Location Address: 3749 Sherman Ave Homelake CO 81135 
Location Graves: 1500 
Location Veteran Graves: 1000+ 
Accepting Sponsorship Wreaths: Yes 
Volunteer Location Leader: Samie Smith 
Telephone: 719-657-3715 
E-mail: samies@go.jade.com 

Fairmount Cemetery Lamar 
Location Address: 28651 County Rd 8 2/10 Lamar CO 81052 
Location Graves: 1500 
Location Veteran Graves: 150
  Accepting Sponsorship Wreaths: Yes
  Volunteer Location Leader: Clay Peacock 
Telephone: 719-336-2234 
E-mail: peacockfuneralhome@centurytel.com 

Fort Logan National Cemetery Denver 
Location Address: 4400 W Kenyon Ave Denver CO 80236
  Location Graves: 106000 
Location Veteran Graves: 80000
  Accepting Sponsorship Wreaths: Yes
  Volunteer Location Leader: Mary Peabody
  Telephone: 303-550-8469 
E-mail: darco.mlp@gmail.com 

Fort Lyon National Cemetery Las Animas 
Location Address: 15770 County Rd Ft. Lyon CO 81038
  Location Graves: 3000 
Location Veteran Graves: 3000 
Accepting Sponsorship Wreaths: Yes 
Volunteer Location Leader: Karen Van Egmond 
Telephone: 719-456-0947 
E-mail: karen271@centurytel.net 

Western Colorado Veterans Memorial Cemetery Grand Junction 
Location Address: 2830 Riverside Pkwy Grand Junction CO 81501 
Location Graves: 1300 
Location Veteran Graves: 1300 
Accepting Sponsorship Wreaths: Yes
  Volunteer Location Leader: Arthur Edwards 
Telephone: Private - Please email for correspondance 
E-mail: harleyroadk@yahoo.com 

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A story about the "Cemetery Lane" subdivision in Aspen, and how the real estate market developed in that area.

There's a small Colorado connection in this amazing story of the reunion of a marker with the grave it marked.

A nice essay and photos of some of the historic cemeteries in Colorado This is a nice essay and photo tour of some of the cemeteries of Colorado's mining towns. Colorado's miners were from all over: Italy, Germany, England (particularly Cornwall and Wales), and France.

One thing mentioned in the article is the inscription on the grave of Louis DePuy, who owned the famous restaurant and hotel in Georgetown, which was a bastion of European elegance in the otherwise rough mining town. The stone is the marker for two graves, both names are on it (and it's not an obvious marker near the enterance). The other person is Sophie Galley, who was Louis' housekeeper. Louis left everything to her when he died of pneumonia. Sophie herself died a mere four months later. Therefore, the epitaph "deux bon amis," is a reference to their long friendship.

History Colorado has been spending funds to preserve cemeteries. Here's a breakdown of their efforts.

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