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Two transcriptions were added this month, with more to come. Sadly, the "bug hunts" of last month's newsletter were postponed this month for other priorities, which included some exciting work for the launch of the Doc-A-Block program at Riverside Cemetery in Denver. For more on this project, check out the featured article (below).

Coming Soon!

I'm playing with some new layout and search options, such as a "photos" button which would pull up all the pictures associated with a specific cemetery, as well as new, cleaner layouts for the cemetery pages. Also, I'm planning to add a page for each cemetery when I actually have found it, instead of waiting until the transcription is complete so that people looking for a specific cemetery can find the driving directions, cemetery rules and basic contact details for the sexton (if there is one). I've also been trying to reconcile all the available lists of cemeteries, to be the most accurate one available, and should be revising the online list soon.

Featured Article

Happy Colorado Day!

One hundred thirty three years ago, on August 1, Colorado became the 38th state. While the anniversary is no longer an official state holiday (it was replaced by Martin Luther King Day), Coloradans are encouraged to celebrate the day by working in the community to help keep the state strong for the next century.

If you are looking for a way to celebrate, why not volunteer for the Doc-a-Block program with Historic Riverside Cemetery? The Doc-A-Block program is the first major initiative of the Friends of Historic Riverside Cemetery. The goal of the project is to document the cemetery's monuments, creating an inventory of priorities and preserving, through documentation, as much of the details of the cemetery's rich statuary as is possible.

Volunteers interested in this key project at Riverside will be taking detailed information on each of the markers in their block. After taking the survey for each marker in the block, you will enter the information online. If you'd like to volunteer for this project, plan on committing time for a training session, about 20-40 hours of work in the cemetery, followed by 20-40 hours of time entering the results of the surveys using your home computer, depending on the size of your block (and you can choose a block that fits the amount of time you're willing to spend). These hours can be fit into your schedule, with the exception of the training session. If you'd like to know more about about this project, you can contact me using this online form.

The first training session for this important program was last weekend, but, never fear! The next session will be on August 15th, with the location TBA. Training sessions will be held monthly, and take about 2-3 hours. They start at a meeting place close to the cemetery, and then we adjourn to the cemetery to practice what we've learned.

There are many sections still in need of being adopted. Perhaps you'd like to document Block 6, where lies John and Eliza Routt, Colorado's first Governor and his wife. Other sections available include segments of Block 8, final resting place of Denver police matron Sarah "Sadie" Likens.

If you don't live in the Denver metro area, perhaps there's a cemetery near you where you'd like to volunteer. Many cemeteries are grateful for any help and time you are able to provide.

Volunteering in a cemetery is a great way to honor the state's pioneers and celebrate Colorado Day.

Cemetery of the Month

Sometimes this is the hardest part of the Newsletter, picking one cemetery our of the more than 800 in the state. Since it is in the news (see below), I think I will pick Valley Brook Cemetery in Breckenridge. This is the largest cemetery in Summit county, and is well-arranged, and well maintained. It is owned and operated by the city, and is still active. It's on the north side of town. From main street heading north, take a left (west) on Valley Brook road, which is just past a stop light intersecting North road.

Around the Web

Construction uncovered some "historic graves near the Breckenridge's Valley Brook Cemetery.

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A lovely commentary by a man who enjoys visiting cemeteries. It really reminds me of my visits, and the stories that cemeteries tell if you take the time to slow down and listen.

Social networking is no longer just for the living. A new site has debuted for online memorials.

A cemetery in New Zealand is working on mapping its cemeteries using GPS. I'm feeling like a trend setter...

Home burials are again growing in popularity, and this is an option for Colorado residents.

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