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in October, a new Events page was added. As I find events at cemeteries in Colorado, I will post them. In addition, there is a form for visitors to suggest or add an event. If you know of an event at a cemetery, please feel free to use the form on the page. With the closing of 2010, the page is looking especially bare.

A few improvements were made to the obituary pages, so those should all be working much better now.

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I would first like to apologize for my absence over the last few months. Thanks for sticking with me.

Confessions of a Cemetery Fan

A few months ago, a co-worker of mine asked me if I was the same "Kate Barnes" as the one who helped with the Riverside Cemetery Halloween event last year. I hesitated to answer.

This particular co-worker was one I didn't know well, and I admit, that I am always a bit nervous about mentioning my appreciation of cemeteries with people I don't know well.

It's a fear, I'm sure, many of you share.

After all, most people think of cemeteries as scary places, the setting for horror movies or inapropriate activities. A person who voices a fondness for such places will often be subject to "the look." You know the one. It's a look which struggles to remain polite, but manages to convey poorly concealed horror and pity. The look tells you that the owner thinks you must be some sort of freak or ghoul, someone who is morbid and probably up to no good. It is usually followed by a quick subject change, and a fast retreat.

It's hard to overcome that sort of baggage.

And you never know how a person will react to the knowledge of your cemetery appreciation, so, you keep it to yourself. You wait until you've got an idea that you're safe from "the look."

Occasionally, you will get a pleasant surprise when you confess your cemetery appreciation, and will find a kindred spirit, who understands. They share your appreciation for lovely monuments of stone, for the history of a burial ground as an outdoor museum of art, and a record of the people in a community. When you meet someone who shares your passion for burial places, you don't have to explain it, or try to convince them that you are no ghoul, aren't especially morbid, and aren't "up to no good." These fellow fans just "get it."

All of these thoughts ran through my head in the instant of that hesitation. I took the plunge, and answered him with a "yes," and steeled myself for "the look."

It did not come.

He simply nodded, and seemed satisfied having his suspicions confirmed. Nothing more needed to be said about the matter. He simply understood.

It's always good to know you've found another who understands. As we enter the New Year, I am grateful for each of you who understands. Thanks for going along this road with me.

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