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Grave News, Issue #038 -- Getting Back on Track
April 02, 2013

What's New?

Fixed a few problems with the database, and created a new page for Evergreen Memorial Park. The cemetery has space dedicated to green burials, and is located just outside the town of Evergreen.

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Getting Back on Track

It's been a long many months since last you heard from me, and I want to apologize for not keeping my committment to you all.

I've had a number of challenges over the last few months, but, sitting here writing this, they all become pretty hollow excuses. The best I can offer is to move forward, and try and get back on track.

While I've written and re-written this many times over the last few months, I realized this week that while I have many thoughts about the next steps for the site, and for projects going forward, that it was time to hear from all of you. I'd lke to know what things you'd like to see from the site in the next few weeks, and better understand how I can help you.

If you are so inclined, have some thoughts on types of information you'd like to see, or features you'd like added, I'd be very gratiful for an e-mail message from you. Simply reply to this newsletter, and tell me what's on your mind.

Perhaps you are part of a genealogy society, and need a guest speaker? Or perhaps I can help you promote your clubs meetings and events. Maybe you would like to know more about how to start getting accountability from a cemetery suffering from decline, and need advice on how to asssert your rights as a plot holder under the new Cemetery Accountability law. Chances are that your needs are something that haven't even occurred to me. This especially is the reason I'd love to hear from you.

The next few weeks, I'm going to be doing a bit of spring cleaning on the site, getting things up-to-date, and make sure that things are working as they ought to be. I've also been in contact with a phone ap programmer, discussing a few ideas I have for creating phone aps for documenting and for learning about cemeteries in the state. More on this to come.

Thank you for hanging in there with me, and for taking the time to help me make the best site about cemeteries in Colorado.

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