Central City Masonic Cemetery

Central City Masonic Cemetery

Central City Masonic Cemetery
Just above the mining towns of Central, off the road to Nevadaville
Cemetery is listed as active by the Colorado Dept. of Health, who maintains the list. This list indicates that the site is now maintained by Central City.

Take Highway 119 towards Central City. Just before entering the Victorian town, turn left at the sign for Nevadaville, which will take you onto the aptly named Nevadaville Road. You'll go up past the parking lot for the casinos, turn right on Prosser Street, and the cemetery will be on the top of the hill above the parking lots.

Masonic Cemetery Fast Facts
GPS Coordinates: UTM 13 S
455640 4405613
Elevation: 8780 ft
County: Gilpin
Number of Records: 217
Number of Missing Markers: 13+
Number of Broken Markers: 19 (four with signs of repairs)
Number of Irreparable Markers: 7
Overall Condition: The fences are in good repair, and it seems that hazardous markers are monitored. The damage appears to be due to decay, but, not vandalism.
Date surveyed: September 2008
This cemetery, with its outstanding view of Central City, was started shortly after gold brought a rush of miners to the area, in the early 1860s. There are a number of family plots.

Tradition has it that the grave of John Cameron has been visited annually on the anniversary of the young bachelor's death, Nov. 1. A young woman, dressed in black, is said to visit and leave flowers.

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