Would you like to visit cemeteries
in Colorado without leaving your seat?

Cemeteries are a terrific resource for people researching their family history, or for local history buffs.

As researchers know, looking for death records, cemetery maps or important historic headstone photos is a difficult task. With all of the incomplete and confusing information, I was frustrated.

So, I decided to go directly to the "source," and search myself. A great option for me, but, what if you aren't able to get there?

Grave sites in Colorado, especially ones in pioneer or mountain areas, are not laid out in neat rows and the sections are not numbered. These community resting grounds are not usually maintained by a regular staff, and many of these sites are naturalistic, looking much like the surrounding terrain, as expanses of green lawn are not really possible in this dry climate.

While this creates sites that are lovely as burial grounds, it does make an already difficult job even more difficult for researchers. Over time, the markers have, like many all over the world, become difficult to access and read, making preservation and documentation of what still exists of great importance.

This site is an attempt to tell the story of a community through its burial ground.

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Broomfield Lakeview Cemetery
History and cemetery transcription for Lakeview Cemetery, Broomfield County, Broomfield Colorado
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Many cemeteries across the country are in need of preservation. There are resources available for endangered cemeteries, and ideas for how you can help.
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