Sculptor for Hire

Sculptors have long been an important part of commemorating the dead, and creating art to give us a sense of immortality. Memorials not only remind us of those that have died and their contributions to our world, but, being made in stone, they try to capture that which passes in something more permanent than flesh.

I have long admired the statues and stone art found in form in cemeteries. While most people opt for standard granite blocks, others long for a more elegant and distinctive piece of statuary.

Though I often wondered who created these works, I never guessed that I might get to know an artist who created wonderful, unique pieces that would be noticed in any cemetery. That's when I got an e-mail from sculptor Steve Dorian.

Dorian studied at the Art Students League in New York, under Nathaniel Kaz and Jose De Creeft. From there, he worked that Memorial Granite in New York, carving headstones, and learning the basic skills needed to work in granite. The opportunities to expand his skills in granite were limited so he went to the famous Rock of Ages monument company in Vermont. There he worked with a stone carver from the world-renowned center of statue art, Carrara, Italy.

This experience inspired him to go directly to the Carrara, were he worked at the Carlo Nicoli Studio for a year, eventually returning to Vermont, where he applied his skills to a relief portrait of President Ronald Reagan. The portrait still hangs at the marble company.

He returned to New York, and opened his own studio, where he worked for 22 years.

In 2006, he moved to Colorado, where he has been repairing local fountains in public spaces, (both City Park and Washington Park) and repairing private marble statues. He is looking for sculpting opportunities locally, and you can contact him at cavedemarmo AT

Below are some samples of his work:

India white granite. 2'x10"

South Dakota granite 6'x4'x1'8'

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