Recommended Cemetery Resources

I'm including my recommended cemetery resources. After all, it's a wide web, and there are many sites out there. I've divided this page into categories, for easy reference.


For anyone looking for a great general guide to Colorado Cemeteries, I highly recommend Linda Wommack's From the Grave: A Roadside Guide to Colorado's Pioneer Cemeteries. This gold-mine of information has helped me located some hard-to-find cemeteries on more than one occasion. It also has biographies of many Colorado pioneers, some of whom have been largely forgotten.

This is an excellent resource, and though it is not perfect, (I've run into a few minor directional inaccuracies), it is the best printed general guide to Colorado Cemeteries I've seen. I take this guide with me whenever I travel to a new part of Colorado, and I use it whenever I'm trying to plan my next trips. I am constantly referring to my copy.

For Christmas this year, I received a copy of The American Resting Place: Four Hundred Years of History Through our Cemeteries and Burial Grounds. Written by Marilyn Yalom, with photos by her son Reid S. Yalom, this was a fascinating and well-researched guide, covering cemeteries throughout the country, including Hawaii. This resource details changes in attitudes toward death, and how those changes are reflected within cemeteries.

There are several areas were African-American funeral practices are discussed, during slavery and after, and evidence that indicates that some of the iconography from Africa has influenced the general American funeral art.

There is a chapter devoted to the special burial traditions of New Orleans, and many of the most famous cemeteries in the U.S. are discussed.


There are many cemetery sites on the internet, it's pretty overwhelming. I am constantly looking for the best sites out there.

Saving Graves

An excellent site on the preservation of cemeteries. Excellent tips and information in identifying markers, reading markers, and preserving them. I recommend especially looking in the "Learning Lab"

The Association of Gravestone Studies

A high quality association, with a very informative website. They publish a journal, and are a leader in education and preservation. You can't go wrong looking at their site.

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