Green Cemeteries in Colorado

Green cemeteries are a new trend in the cemetery world. What defines such a cemetery is that the bodies are not embalmed, are buried in a simple shroud or container made from natural materials, and no burial vault is used.

The grave site is typically marked by natural plants or possibly a natural stone, simple carved. Some cemeteries have a single memorial wall which includes names of those buried on the grounds.

In a green burial ground, irrigation isn't used, and the plants are only those native to the area. No fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides are used on the terrain. The grounds are as they would be in nature, and the grounds are very much like wildlife preserves.

While many of the cemeteries in Colorado are very naturalistic in their terrain, they aren't technically "green," as the bodies are still embalmed. The chemicals used in that process are very toxic, and can leach into the ground water.

A non-profit association has been formed with the goal of opening a green burial ground in Colorado. They have purchased land, but have had some other complications.

The organization, Prairie Wilderness Cemetery, can be contacted at: Prairie Wilderness Cemeteries;
Attn: Laina Corazon Coit
P.O. Box 181028, Denver, Colorado 80218. or, online at:

In addition, recently, Evergreen Memorial Park in Jefferson County, started offering green burial. You can visit their website for more informatio.

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