Broomfield County Cemeteries

There are only three Broomfield County cemeteries, as Broomfield County is the newest county in Colorado. Established in 2001, it was formed from parts of four existing counties Adams, Boulder, Jefferson and Weld.

The name "Broomfield" is a reference to the city's rural past, where fields of "broom straw" grew as far as the eye could see.

The oldest cemetery in the county is Lakeview Cemetery. Established in 1890, the land for the cemetery was given by town founding father Adolph Zang.

Strangely, Adolph Zang is not buried on the grounds himself, nor is any of his family. Adolph Zang is buried at Fairmount Cemetery in Denver. His father, Phillip Zang, is buried at Riverside Cemetery.

Should you visit Lakeview Cemetery, you might notice there is no lake. Before there was a high school across the street, there was, in fact, a lake. It was drained to make way for the space needs of the growing community.

In 2003, a new cemetery, Broomfield County Commons was opened. It has 3 completed acres, and several additional acres are under development. Eventually, it will be a total of 10 acres.

Both of these cemeteries are owned and maintained by the city and county of Broomfield. The city has a good about of information on the cemetery part of their website.

Evergreen Memorial Gardens is the final cemetery in the county. Unlike the other two cemeteries in the county, Evergreen Memorial Gardens is not owned and operated by the county. It is located in the city of Lafayette.

For directions to any of the cemeteries of this county, please refer to the map of Broomfield County Cemeteries.